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Semester of Blogging has Come to an End

Farewell to Fort Wayne Business Blog. I have researched on a subject that interests me for an entire semester and I have found several useful websites that may be of use to me in my future business studies. I would like to take time out to thank Dr. Amidon for his blogging assignment, because I now have knowledge of the growing blog trend. I will be able to create and update blogs for whatever I want, and that may come in handy in the future. In addition to the blogging assignment, I think that W331 class as a whole was a success. Coming in, I was afraid that this course was going to be all standardized writing with no room for creativity and interpretation. In retrospect it was quite the opposite. I have learned a lot about business writing, and through use of the blog, I have had motivation to keep up on local business happenings.

I bid you adieu...


AirTran chooses Phoenix over FWA

Fort Wayne International Airport has lost out to Phoenix, Arizona for the services of low-cost AirTran Airways. AirTran Airways could have been the low-cost carrier that Fort Wayne International Airport was looking for, because the airport has failed to reach its real customer-base potential since many people choose Indianapolis or Detroit for the services of ATA or Delta's low cost Song Airlines to fly to Florida or their destination of choice. While many area residents have discussed Fort Wayne International's lack of volume, there has been little support for the local airport by local residents. It is simply much cheaper to pay the fuel and parking costs to fly out of Indianapolis International Airport, which offers low-cost fares that are frequent to many destinations throughout the globe. Hopefully, Fort Wayne can snag a popular low-cost airline to increase their customer base and volume to promote future growth potential. This growth could also increase flights that stop in Fort Wayne, which could help to develop city commerce. It is important to point out that FWA was not at fault for AirTran deciding to pass, they actually allowed people to vote for which city they should choose on their website. For more information on this story, check out Until next time.....


Kitty Hawk Aircargo to Add 200 Jobs

Kitty Hawk Aircargo, a large air frieght carrier that has a terminal at Fort Wayne Int'l Airport, has announced that they will add about 200 seasonal jobs. These jobs will come from the increased demand that will come from Kitty Hawk's $29.3 million contract with the U.S. Postal Service to carry mail and shipments over the holiday season. While these are not permanent jobs, they will create opportunities for local citizens to earn extra cash over the holiday season and gain valuable experience. It is also a possibility that this contract may lead to future contracts and job growth within the air cargo industry in Fort Wayne. To learn more about the contract, read the press release from Kitty Hawk at


Useful Fort Wayne Business Search Engines

Well, I have searched around on the net to find some more information on Fort Wayne business. In looking for more information, I found some good search websites to add to the research links I already have. The first that I found is, which has a wealth of information and additional links that will lead you to almost any information on Indiana and Fort Wayne business. The other is a very useful site is This website is similar to, but it has more general information (like a Yellow Pages). The best part of this website is the blog, which I would compare to mine, but it is more of a question post board instead of research. These websites are good, but I think will still be my first stop for local business information. Until next time...


Recycling Facility to Open in Waterloo

The small Dekalb County town of Waterloo is going to get a recycling facility which will create some jobs (around 85) that will help to offset the job loss at nearby Auburn's Eaton plant (See previous post). The recycling facility will be finished sometime in 2009. For more information, go to

This is an interesting addition to the Northeast Indiana community and helps to show the transition of our local economy to more technology-based jobs, just like the ethanol plants. My dad's family takes part in the Auburn recycling program, so hopefully this new plant will make the program even easier and more of a success.


Local Employer to Layoff 123

Too bad a new post has to come from disappointing information. Eaton Corporation, who operates plants in different areas of Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio, has announced a likely layoff of 113 production workers and 10 salaried employees which will probably take place in February. The company makes heavy-duty clutches and clutch parts for the commercial trucking industry. The commercial truck manufacturing industry had a good year, mostly due to the increased demand for trucks without the stricter environmental standards to be imposed by the EPA beginning in 2007. The company anticipates a slowing trend in their industry (around 40% decrease in market) because of the standards, and has announced the layoffs as a result. This is bad news for an industry that is becoming used to hearing bad news. The Northeast Indiana area has already seen a plethora of lost automotive manufacturing jobs and Eaton looks to be no exception. Hopefully, with the increases in sales seen by Ford, the industry will slowly claw its way back and the American automotive manufacturing industry can get its head back above water. For more on this and related stories, visit and click on the "Business" section.


Biomet to Create Local Jobs

Hello, I found some great news about some Northeast Indiana development. Biomet, headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana is an orthopedics manufacturer (annual revenue about $2 billion) that has decided to add over 260 jobs in orthopedic product manufacturing. The expansion, which will add on to existing facilities and invest in new ones, is going to be aided by the State of Indiana, because it will create jobs, opportunities, and investment in the manufacturing sector that has struggled mightily in the Midwest. While manufacturing has not done well as a whole in Indiana, the Biomet expansion along with the new Honda facility being built in Greensburg, have helped to open up new career opportunities to those displaced by other manufacturing jobs. The growth and well-being of the Indiana economy is highly dependent upon manufacturing and Biomet's decision to expand its local facilities instead of creating jobs elsewhere is good news. For more on this and related stories, visit