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Semester of Blogging has Come to an End

Farewell to Fort Wayne Business Blog. I have researched on a subject that interests me for an entire semester and I have found several useful websites that may be of use to me in my future business studies. I would like to take time out to thank Dr. Amidon for his blogging assignment, because I now have knowledge of the growing blog trend. I will be able to create and update blogs for whatever I want, and that may come in handy in the future. In addition to the blogging assignment, I think that W331 class as a whole was a success. Coming in, I was afraid that this course was going to be all standardized writing with no room for creativity and interpretation. In retrospect it was quite the opposite. I have learned a lot about business writing, and through use of the blog, I have had motivation to keep up on local business happenings.

I bid you adieu...


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